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I talked to Stafford and to Nader’s lifetime partner Mark Miller at the Nader-Miller home in Palm Springs Monday. Nader’s other survivors are cousins Sally Kubley and nephew, actor Michael Nader …

Nader, who died at the Motion Picture and Television Hospital, had been stricken ill in June during a flight to Hawaii.

Miller told me Nader “slowly disintegrated.” He was hospitalized in Palm Springs and in November transferred to the MPTVH.

The cause of death was given as: Cardiac pulmonary failure, pneumonia and multiple cerebral infarctions.

Rock Hudson, gaunt and ghostly pale and gravely ill with AIDS was Day’s guest.

The illness had opened the door on his secret homosexuality.

But for all the success that would follow in song and film, she never found what she wanted most.“The only thing she ever really wanted was to have a happy marriage and a happy family life,” Kaufman said. She was married four times, but she was ultimately not happy with any of her husbands.”By the time she’d won acclaim for her first film, “Romance On The High Seas” in 1948, Day had been married and divorced twice and left with a baby boy. “For example the girl next door was not above having affairs..least according to her alleged lovers...baseball player Maury Wills - which she denied - and Mickey Mantle, about which she was silent.

“And they never disappoint you.”Life may not have been perfect for the girl next door. But for Doris Kappelhoff from Cincinnati, Ohio, it’s been a pretty amazing journey.

Miller, who was Nader’s partner of 55 years, was Hudson’s secretary for 13 years.

He says he supported both Hudson and Nader before they got Universal contracts.

She’s an avid animal rights advocate nursing strays back to health on her small ranch.

And she’s known as “Clara” to most friends - a nickname given to her early in her career.