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It's nice to see them when they were happy together.

I'm also a damn good cook, a fast downhill skier and a curious hiker, bicyclist, and paddle-boarder.

Gary Merrill is the stranger making the phone calls in "Phone Call from a Stranger," a 1952 film directed by Jean Negulesco and also starring Shelley Winters, Keenan Wynn, Michael Rennie, Beatrice Straight, Craig Stevens and Bette Davis.

Unable to forgive his wife for an affair, David Trask gets on a plane, where, due to the plane being late and an unexpected stopover because of bad weather, he becomes friendly with three passengers: a performer (Winters), a salesman (Wynn) and an alcoholic attorney (Rennie) and hears their stories.

She loves Chicago industrialist Neil Latimer who has a hunting lodge nearby.

Rosa squeezes her husband's patients to pay their bills so she ...