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More formally, the nodes and arcs within a graph of data can be traversed to both identify nodes, and then make assertions about the relationships of those nodes to others within the same graph.

Assertions are therefore the mechanism for placing constraints on the relationships between nodes in a graph (elements and attributes in an XML document).

This comes at very little cost: XPath is available in most XML environments.

For example the following types of constraint are hard, or impossible to express with other schema languages.

Validation using tree patterns is a two-step process: Both the candidate object selection, and the assertions can be defined in terms of XPath expressions.

There is no enforcement that an IDREF must point to an ID on a particular element type, simply that is must point to an existing ID, and further that all IDs must be unique.

Having highlighted the fact that the existing schema paradigm can only express constraints among data items in terms of the child and sibling axes, it is natural to consider whether an alternate paradigm might allow a schema author to exploit these additional relationships to define additional types of constraint amongst document elements.

Schematron is a useful and accessible supplement to other schema languages.

The open-source XSLT implementation is based around a core framework which is open for extension and customisation.