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The application can use one of the several client-side implementations of the protocol: the CLR managed Sql Client, Ole DB, ODBC, JDBC, PHP Driver for SQL Server or the open source Free TDS implementation.

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Future similar requests can skip the optimization phase if they can find an already compiled and optimized query plan in the SQL Server internal cache.Once a task started executing a request the first thing it needs to do is to understand the content of the request.At this stage SQL Server will behave much like an interpreted language VM: the T-SQL text inside the request will be parsed and an abstract syntax tree will be created to represent the request. If an error occurs at this stage, the requests terminates with a compilation error (the request is then complete, the task is done and the worker is free to pick up another pending task).SQL, and T-SQL, is a high end declarative language with extremely complex statements (think SELECT with several JOINs).Compilation of T-SQL batches does not result in executable code similar to native CPU instructions and not even similar to CLI instructions or JVM bytecode, but instead results primarily in data access plans (or query plans).I cannot close this side without urging you to read Dynamic Search Conditions in T-SQL if you want to learn more about this subject.