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Took ages to get thru to Sony support as a lot of owners are having similar problems. Was having the problems you described above most of the day. Tried calling Sony, and was disconnected three times before I got to talk to a person. My Tv at the time was not connected to the Internet in any way.Was advised to turn off and unplug and also unplug aerial cable then leave for 5 minutes before turning back on and to do a full factory reset then then turn off and reconnect the aerial and turn on and rescan the TV channels. Followed a Sony help page online that said to turn the tv off at the power point, complete a factory reset, and I've had no problems since. I find it incredible that someone else had the same problem today. After about 20 minutes and trying a few things/reading a few things, I tried to do a factory reset as detailed above and it came good.This allows to handle video as normal HD video using typical channels and interfaces like HDMI, which is possible in this 1.4a version.Frame compatible (CFC) model is also compatible with 2D HD mode in the same channel, adding some signalling for switching from 2D to 3D.My daughter was beside herself about seeing who won. It is only a problem when selecting Guide on any Nein network channels in Melbourne on my 55HX750 & 32HX750 but not on my 32HX755 which has the European version firmware.

I turned it on tonight to find that the FTA channels had no reception. Anyone have this issue when panning on a single colour, eg sky? Defective Main Board 8x blink code is mainly used during TV software development. I have a hx850 55' and in Wollongong, and have no problem all day watching fta (also not connected to the net).

103 error code registers 8 blink error is in SELF CHECK list CAUSE:: 8 blink could be caused by one of the following issues: 1. SOLUTION: To Troubleshoot perform the following steps in the order shown: 1. Strange and funny, cos the separate Panasonic hdd was working fine the whole time and it happened during the final of the Voice.

After switching it back on, the tv would stay on for around 10 seconds then turn back off.

The advice on Sony's site is useless, i have tried this multiple times and it doesn't do a thing. We have lost all our settings but at least it's not turning itself off. Tried switching off at the mains for 5 mins but it's still happening. And is that the only way as I really don't want to have to set everything all up again! yeah but even then, wouldn't the TV be potentially be doing somethign with the free to air signal? However they will always be connected the the TV network no matter what, even if you are watching HDMI or playing PS3 or Xbox.

Its more then a FTA problem, as it started whilst i was watching a movie on my Apple TV. We did a factory reset and it's been OK for the last 10 minutes. (guide, whatever) I've pulled the antenna out of the TV and totally powered it off/on, and seems better (as in no reset in 10 mins, which is a record for last hour! about to watch something on Tivo, shall see how it goes Me too. Haven't tried plugging the aerial back in though... If TV is not network connected go to Reference Library and Download Latest Software for the Specific Model and Install using a USB Thumb Drive. While it seems strange I tend to believe Sony this time.