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In 1965, Valerie gave birth to twins Peter and Susan.

Unlike most of his peers, Ken passed his eleven plus exam and entered grammar school.This was a learning experience for Ken, who had come from a working-class background and was now finding himself mixing with mainly the middle class.Although his parents were proud of him, they knew that Ken's background was occasionally an embarrassment to him and Frank was worried that Ken would grow to resent his roots.In 1961, Ken had a fling with Marian Lund, a university librarian 11 years his senior, but it ended when Marian got engaged to a lecturer and left the University.Thinking about his career prospects, Ken considered emigrating to Australia, but when Ida broke down after finding some brochures he had picked up, Ken said they were for a friend to spare her feelings and dropped the idea.In his youth, he aspired to escape his working class roots and was the first Street resident to go to University.