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He then was introduced to Special Agent Craig Goodwin of the Naval Investigative Service (NIS).

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The close-knit LGBT community results in everyone dating each other’s exes, but that seems to be a national trend.

Among straight people, Baton Rouge has a reputation for being a city that likes to couple up, but I’ve found the opposite to be true within the local LGBT community.

Conservative elective officials elected by a conservative majority dominate the state and local government in Louisiana, and it can be difficult to see any legislative progress for LGBT people despite the best efforts of some amazing advocacy groups working hard to make changes.

Two years ago, Baton Rouge failed to pass an Employment Non-Discrimination Act, a pretty standard piece of legislature most city’s have in place.

Mid City, the Garden District and Spanish town tend to be the most affordable areas with access to all there is to do in Baton Rouge.

If you’re a student, there are plenty affordable rent options near LSU and Southern University’s campuses.

The city has seen a revival the way many mid-sized cities across the U. In traveling for my job, I’ve come to truly appreciate how unique Baton Rouge is.

Today, Baton Rouge is as much a travel destination in Louisiana as New Orleans. With a thriving food and beverage scene, a revitalized downtown, and a huge college-aged population, Baton Rouge is best described by the favorite local adage, “a drinking town with a football problem.” Louisianans, Baton Rougeans in particular, will take any excuse to throw down, and each season brings with it parades, festivals, parties and cook-offs.The dating scene for lesbians and queer girls in Baton Rouge is small and inextricably linked to the New Orleans dating scene.In fact, Baton Rouge has Pride, but most Baton Rougeans prefer to head to New Orleans’ Pride celebration each year.Once I got accepted to the state’s flagship university, I promised I’d leave once and for all after graduation, journalism degree in hand.When I was offered a job in the place I’d spent my entire life trying to escape, I figured I’d better learn to love Baton Rouge.Mon-Thu: 4pm-2am Fri: 3pm-2am Sat: 4pm-2am Sun: 4pm-12am Probably the trendiest spot in Baton Rouge, Radio Bar neighborhood bar exists in what used to be an auto shop, with huge garage doors that open up to an outside patio with ping pong tables and a second bar.