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Miscavige recounted a notable instance of the project to recover the technology.

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But it was just a foothold in an estimated market of at least 180,000 cell phone users among Israel's nearly 1 million ultra-Orthodox.Two of Israel's other three cell phone players have developed their own kosher phones.The ultra-Orthodox account for about 14 percent of Israel's 7 million people. Talks are under way to introduce a kosher phone to Jewish communities in the United States and other nations possibly later this year.Israeli Arabs — about 20 percent of the population — have also taken notice of the phones as a possible option for those trying to protect conservative Islamic sensibilities.The kosher phone was ready last March, backed by an unusual sales force: 80 men and 10 women from Israel's ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods who went through a crash course in cell phones and door-to-door pitches. They started spreading the word in synagogues and wedding halls," said Matanel Shalom, chief of marketing at Sales & Direct Marketing Ltd., a Tel Aviv-based company hired to market the kosher phone.The classes were arranged to accommodate synagogue prayer schedules and Torah studies. By summer, more than 20,000 kosher phones were sold.In late 2004, a special rabbinical panel was formed to study how to bridge the need for cellular phones and ultra-Orthodox codes. Some saw the phones as a non-threatening convenience.

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"If you think about it, the (ultra-Orthodox) religious community is not going to movies and other things.

"This was a unique product for a unique brand of customer," he said.

"But we see some potential beyond this niche market." The kosher phone is an example of demand leading the way for supply.

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