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Calendaru fara creier si fara pic de vointa, integrat perfect in tinutul prafuit in care traieste, umblind de colo colo prin asezarile saracacioase din Kazahstan, cersind, furand si milogindu-se - Karoy, regia Zhanna Issabayeva; un road-movie la vol , in lumea minunata pe care am cunoscut-o deunazi.

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The rules are that two contestants hold the two ends of the rubber bands in their mouths, and bit by bit, they stretch the rubber bands and the first to let go loses.In other words, the one person who ends up with the painful memories of "Snap! So, let's start the meeting to determine the pairings in the tournament~. "[color=orange]For roller coasters, I don't feel like riding them so much so that I'd pay to ride them.Myojo May 2002 (Arashi) Pg 1 & 2 YOUR SMILES WILL SOON DISAPPEAR...? JAPAN" they face the challenge of taking on haunted spots, in "Mayonaka no Arashi" they take their chance travelling by themselves in the wee hours of the night... Then, I felt sick at all the snakes' writhing, so when we went, I burst into tears. But, if the camera's rolling, I can do anything.Daily, the Arashi members gather up their courage (or are thought to do so), and take the test of courage. Before we go on location, even if I don't feel like doing it, I always think things like, "If I hesitate here, the video tape will be wasted." Then, the faster I do it, the faster it will end too. Well, I'm basically a conservative, so maybe I'd be looked upon as a coward.

I can’t think of any crisis, but a while ago, after Higashiyama-sempai worked with Aiba, he worked with me.

Hmm, I don’t have any acquaintances who are born in the year of the Tiger… Each time Aiba-kun goes to different locales to film Shimura Doubutsuen, he’ll buy T-shirts with tiger prints on them for me. When the two of us go shopping together, we look for things that look good on each other, and when we can’t make up our mind, we think together “Which one is better?

So I now have 3 to 4 shirts with tiger prints on them at home. (laughs)From the start, Aiba-chan is like “the sun”. ” In other words, it’s like a couple having a fashion shopping date!

It's just that, if there's someone who would do it for me, I'd let them do it, yeah.

I even get embarrassed when waving to fans during concerts.