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She started out as a reporter and eventually worked her way up the ladder to news anchor on Channel 7 News.
She doesn't take any major decision without consulting with him, doesn't go anywhere without telling him first and spends as much time chatting with him as she does with me.

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She knows, for instance, that men who cheat aren’t always in it for the sex (though some definitely are).She knows that they tend to cover their tracks well (and always pay with cash).Still, I don’t get it; if a man is unhappy in his marriage why is it so hard for him to walk away? Trust me, even if children are involved in that relationship you do not want them growing up in such an unhealthy environment, with terrible influences in their lives: cheaters. It’s a question that’s been considered by countless women before.But although Natasha Caruana is no relationship expert – or heartbroken wife – she knows more about infidelity than most.Like her subjects, Caruana can’t be seen in her photos.

What was really happening was nothing like the portrayal of infidelity that most of us are used to.You will be surprised to hear that the type of woman I am talking about today, and the reason responsible for my disbelief, is the fact that this woman is in fact Muslim.Yes, yes I know, not all Muslim women are practicing and are 100% committed to everything their faith tells them to do; but this woman is.I, in no way, support the notion of having a man marry four women at the same time.How could you be with someone knowing he’s being intimate with someone else?Although I disagree with her opinion I still feel that if a married man is dating another woman for that purpose he should at least inform his wife of what he’s getting up to.