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"one who crushes, or tramples down, something underfoot") and Dāhis (loosely translated: "one who sows discord").

The group's declaration of a new caliphate in June 2014 and its adoption of the name "Islamic State" have been criticised and ridiculed by Muslim scholars and rival Islamists both inside and outside the territory it controls.

I do not recommend using the term Islamic State because it blurs the lines between Islam, Muslims, and Islamists. According to Hayder al Khoei, ISIL's philosophy is represented by the symbolism in the Black Standard variant of the legendary battle flag of Prophet Muhammad that it has adopted: the flag shows the Seal of Muhammad within a white circle, with the phrase above it, "There is no god but Allah".

ISIL aims to return to the early days of Islam, rejecting all innovations in the religion, which it believes corrupts its original spirit.

It was better to recruit by calling to arms against corruption and tyranny than against the Antichrist.

Today, though, the apocalyptic recruiting pitch makes more sense than before.

References to the End Times fill Islamic State propaganda.

It's a big selling point with foreign fighters, who want to travel to the lands where the final battles of the apocalypse will take place.