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In the app there are 'chatrooms' including Everyone and Nearby.
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The frustration usually comes from not being able to interact with your opponent (or the game in general).You'll be just watching how your opponent takes full control over you.This can buy you one crucial turn to cause massive damage before you get locked down.If you have more than one copy in your hand, you can deplot it multiple times to keep your opponent from playing ANYTHING.

OTK decks generally require you to have LOTS of cards in both your hands in order to cause damage to you with Tower of oblivion, or to complete a buffed up creature move.This means players will need to wait until later turns to have enough supplies to do it.They usually telegraph it by forcing you to draw lots of cards into your hand or theirs.Again, Inferno faction has access to all the cards listed above, so I feel they are best suited to deal with OTKs.I probably missed some stuff, but these are the simplest and most common ways to overcome OTK/Deck Denial type players.You'll notice that the first few pages load right away, and then subsequent pages load as they are rendered.