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Over its twelve editions, our festival has created a necessary space in the Twin Cities for Arab and Muslim filmmakers to tell their stories in beautiful and innovative ways.This year, our project feels more urgent than ever, as our programming serves a response to national and international policies that target the lives of immigrants and refugees, while also tackling the global threat of xenophobia and Islamophobia. JS: When I was walking down the street, did you think I was a human being? A: Listen, I didn't expect you to talk back to me, so when you talked to me, I talked back. A: I didn't see you, you were wearing your sunglasses. You came back, took off sunglasses and talked to me. The majority of them reply back, but there are others who don't say anything. JS: Well I have to tell you, in my opinion, when I’m having a bad day and there’s a guy on the street, a guy like you, and he says to me, “you’re like sugar” or goes like “ssss sss" (hissing noise), it makes me very upset. There are girls who if I exchange words, then we become friends. JS: If a guy did this to your sister, what would you do? The US has a long way to go to make our streets safe for all women and I hope to report on street harassment in the US in the future. Here's an article in the Harvard Law Review by Cynthia Grant Bowman called "Street Harassment and the Informal Ghettoization of Women". Also, be sure to check out the work of Hannah Price, a photographer who is taking the portraits of the men who verbally harass her on the streets of Philadelphia.

JS: Do you think it's okay to talk to a woman and say she's like sugar? JS: In your life, have you ever put your hands on a woman? JS: What do you think of the fact that Egypt is famous, Egyptian youth are famous for verbal sexual harassment? I just like to do this, I like to say “you’re like sugar,” but I won’t do it anymore. A: Look, there are nice ways — it's like flirting, there's good flirting and bad flirting. JS: But before I came back to talk to you, just because I’m a woman, you harassed me? JS: How long have you been doing verbal harassment like this? JS: What are you feeling when you verbally harass girls? The festival launches on Wednesday, September 27 at the Walker Art Center with the screening of Tramontane by Lebanese filmmaker Vatche Boulghourjian.