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To configure the Data Source control to handle insert, update and delete click “Advanced...” button. Click “Configure List View...” option as seen in the above figure to choose the display Layout for the List View.Choose a display layout, I have selected “Grid” in our example, as seen in the below figure. Drag a List View control inside a webform as we did in previous section. Also, this is a great resource for people coming into the list view. Is Post Back) in the datapaging prerender or you may get this error The control collection cannot be modified during Data Bind, Init, Load, Pre Render or Unload phases.I use a Form View to handle the detailed form page information.After editing the data contained in the detailed form page, a user can click the save button at which point the Form View’s ASP. NET button click event in the traditional way: When the click event executes, the Form View Update event has already taken place and saved the form results. NET update button’s click event: Protected Sub bt Update Button_Click(sender As Object, e As System.Welcome Reader, I have moved to a new blog site, so you can get same content from below new site URL!! feel free to post your comments/feedback into new blog, I’ll be more than happy to assistant you. Disha Shah Hi, I’m Disha Shah, I’m working as Share Point Developer and Share Point Architect (With some good knowledge) .

3 types of events are attached to the lists and libraries: Adding, updating and deleting Each of its events can be retrieved synchronously (at the time of the action) andasynchronous (right after the end of the action).

We can also handle these edit, update, delete and insert events in Item Command of List View control.

Since, List View is capable of displaying the data in user defined formats these features will be very useful to do these operations in those layouts itself. If you have anything like that on a site you control I'd fix it ASAP before you get hacked. I 've just made my own listview, everyting seems to work. New Edit Index;" in the lv Mine_itemediting method.

NET Update event is triggered, and then subsequently the button’s click event fires. NET button Item Updating click event executes I want the Grid View of the parent page to refresh itself to display the modified data, which is not easily possible in ASP. Therefore one can register a Java Script call that is dynamically built at the server side using the ‘Client Script. Event Args) Dim str Value As String = CType(bt FVContract Detail By Detail. Text Dim str Value Detail As String = bt Hdn Value Detail Id.

Value Dim sb As String Builder = New String Builder() sb.