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Crikey does have a dedicated tips section for information that is perhaps not of broad interest but may interest smaller groups These are difficult stories to write. Wendy Bacon warns Some journalists may blame defamation for not doing stories when really the problem is lack of time, too busy, lack of sympathetic editorial environment or lack of will to do the hard word necessary.Eddie Obeid told investigative journalist Kate Mc Clymont: I tell you what, you put one word out of place and I will take you on again. Mostly you can publish something - with some adjustments to get around tricky points.These are never as popular as media web sites, but they attract others whose stories may lead to media coverage.This strategy has worked very well for Victims of CSIRO whose website has had 50,000 unique visits Sending private letters of complaint to officials is useful because it documents they knew of and permitted corruption, but without publicity they will ignore you.Andrew Hooley advises Always be impartial, emotionally detached in interviews as emotional comments often come across as this person is obsessed and discredit you.

Even with people who can mentally package a large amount of information, you need to have lots of time at a stretch to do complicated stories.Im a whistleblower, and I wanted media coverage of my story. When my initial efforts were unsuccessful, I decided to find out more about how the media operate.Heres what I learned, drawing on contacts with many journalists and whistleblowers, some of whom are quoted going to the media is vindication that a journalist looked at their claim independently and found it was true.Labor Minister for the Public Service Gary Gray appeared to drive a wedge when he said: This week The Canberra Times referred to a number of allegations about fraud, corruption and misconduct in the public service, which were previously reported in the Sydney Morning Herald.The Canberra Times rightly pointed out that there is no evidence of endemic corruption, or a culture of complacency, in the APS [Australian Public Service].Public servants leaking anonymously can still be caught.