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I say: i want to rape your hamster Virtual Secretary says: Why do you want to do rape your hamster so much? I say: ohhh how about future shop for dinner Virtual Secretary says: Could you explain that in different words?

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Independent women are the total opposite, hence the disconnect.

By default, these girls can detect remotely any traces of toxic, BS behavior and in return end up scaring guys off before they get a chance.

They don’t get their worth from guys telling them they’re hot, nor do they need to post fifteen selfies a week to feel good about themselves.

They don’t have a problem sharing who they are, and it can be overwhelming to guys who are a little more on the conservative side.

hey have real goals Women who are killing it in life usually have their focus on more important things than finding love, anyway.

They like who they are, and any guy who shows the slightest bit of immaturity will never stand a chance.

These women may be intimidating, independent, bold, and strong, but they will always love hard.