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With this, users could write directly to another user's terminal. It quickly became the most popular IM network for programmers and hackers and it remains so to this day.By 1970, the evolved CTSS code was including Multics, the operating system ancestor to Unix and Linux. Ordinary users first met IM as Compu Serve's CB Simulator. None of these really grabbed the mass market's attention.AIM began as a skunkworks project by a trio of AOL engineers.AOL gave it no publicity whatsoever, but hackers quickly learned of it and adopted it.Both Yahoo and Microsoft challenged AIM -- with Yahoo Pager, better known as Yahoo Messenger, in 1998 and MSN Messenger, later Windows Live Messenger, in 1999.Both had some success, but in the late 90s and early 2000s AIM reigned supreme. In its early years, AOL didn't make a dime from AIM.Here are all the things you can and should throw away on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to free space in your home.

Nothing will have you feeling more refreshed than decluttering your living space from unnecessary stuff.However, generations of ERP systems were not designed to handle global networks of sensors and devices.Read More AOL, on the other hand, exploded in popularity in 1993.That's all true, but AIM was also immediately put to business use. This IBM 7094 mainframe-based system enabled users to "message" each other via a common file system. This IM text version of this came out in 1980 and was also popular.You may have been flirting with your first girlfriend, but I was using it to talk to sources and editors. The first real IM dates later to 1965 when programmers set up "dot SAVED" on CTSS. As the internet gained traction in technical circles, some Finnish hackers came up with the idea of an operating-system agnostic IM system, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), in 1988.Verizon claims AIM was "Where Instant Messaging began in 1997." It's not.