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Thomas considers that some Christian martyrs are known for how they bravely faced death and seemed almost to provoke it or at least to welcome it with open arms.Christ Himself, of course, did eventually go to His Crucifixion for us with literally open arms, and yet the God-Man Himself experienced such anguish and anxiety that He sweat blood (Luke ).Let us turn now to the loneliness of Jesus Christ on the Cross and on His journey there, so that we can learn His lessons and experience the kind of emotional and spiritual connection with God that can give our own loneliness meaning as we wait for the joys yet to come.We can profit by imagining Christ’s loneliness on the Cross, as we’ll do in our next section, but Christ’s loneliness was not limited to those few hours of agony.Thomas’s insights but include here and there a few of my own elaborations pertaining to the themes of loneliness and friendship. Thomas dwells at greatest length on Christ’s agonizing night of prayer in the garden of Gethsemane at the foot of the Mount of Olives that ended in his betrayal and capture (Matt. Jesus, fully man as well as God, was profoundly sad, weary, and fearful that night.He was so distressed as He prayed to His Father that He experienced what physicians call hematohidrosis, sweating blood, when the capillaries that fed His sweat glands burst under His immense mental and physical duress. Peter boldly declared that although the others might all fall away from Him, he himself would follow Jesus even unto death.

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This scene opens us to all kinds of personal reflection.He rouses them, asks Peter if he cannot stay awake even for an hour to watch, and asks them to watch and pray so that they will not “enter into temptation” (Matt. Again he prays to his Father, asking if the cup might pass if it is the Father’s will, and again He returns to find His friends asleep.He goes off by Himself a third time to repeat the same prayer only to find them again still asleep upon His return.He arrives in the garden with a great armed crowd and identifies Jesus with the sign of a kiss. Jesus still called his betrayer “friend.” We can but imagine Jesus’ profound loneliness at this time.Jesus’ first words to Judas, knowing his intentions, were, most poignantly, “Friend, why are you here? Three of His closest friends slept during His time of greatest need, while another friend actively plotted against Him.Nonetheless, our Catholic approach to loneliness can provide us succor from its sufferings that secular approaches cannot. It helps us to see that the person who suffers near the end of life is still always worthy of life until its natural end, that the person in the womb who might be likely to suffer from some genetic malady or from poverty is still always worthy of a chance to experience his or her own gift of life from God.