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It features rules for fast pitch, slow pitch, and modified softball, as well as rules for arena and wheelchair softball. ETeamz is an online sports community Web site that allows users to participate in and read discussion forums about sports.

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Simply think about the fact that at some point dating sites emerged. It is much easier to talk to someone for a computer.Countless of different men and women entered those websites and started looking for people to date. However, when you have to do this in person things are a bit more complicated.So we figured, it shouldn't hurt to try to draw out a rough map, and maybe sketch out a rough general plan. A handful of Live Real Agents have decided to embark on a quest for truth, freedom, justice, caffeine, and those rare moments when you actually seem to be on the same page with another person . "Two people seeking to fashion a life together today face a unique set of challenges and difficulties. If she finishes it before the male is finished, she may head off in search of another meal, leaving him high and dry.

Nowadays it is all about the right applications in your phone.

For the first time in history, the relations between men and women lack clear guidelines, supportive family networks, a religious context, and a compelling social meaning." - John Welwood Your trusty Live Real Agents, in our quest for truth, meaning, virtue, and other stuff like that in the modern world are no strangers to the dating scene. Because whether we're aware of it or not, we've been programmed to behave in certain ways.

Like we all probably know, searching for that right guy or girl in the real world is often, at times, both blissful and brutal. "For singles today, the spectrum of experience is broad, but confusion and despair about finding lasting love run deep." - Harville Hendrix "The Dream" Once upon a time, a long, long time ago in a land far, far away, there lived a beautiful princess, the most beautiful princess in all the land. And as the quote describes above - "the puppeteer seems to have exactly zero regard for the happiness of the puppets." Where this leads us - becoming conscious of our "programming" in order to become able to overcome it, and possibly even change it - is where the seemingly simple topic of "dating" intersects with other realms of psychology and spirituality. Animals, cold and ruthless in an unforgiving jungle, each trying to get as much as they can for themselves? There's one other key element that's been excluded from the above models: of course, the whole "love, intimacy, and marriage" thing.

Most of the old social and economic rationales for marriage as a life-long relationship have broken down. All the 'thinking' has been done - unconsciously, metaphirically - by natural selection." "Understanding the often unconscious nature of genetic control is the first step toward understanding that - in many realms, not just sex - we're all puppets, and our best hope for even partial liberation is to try to decipher the logic of the puppeteer.

Even the old incentives for having children - to carry on the family name or trade, or to contribute to family work, providing an economic asset - are mostly gone. The full scope of the logic will take some time to explain, but I don't think I'm spoiling the end of the movie by noting here that the puppeteer seems to have exactly zero regard for the happiness of the puppets." This leads us into deeper waters, which - if we really want to really survive and thrive in this arena - is where we need to go. Some of the above - primarily in the form of evolutionary biology - can serve as that model.