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Dating different socioeconomic status

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70 from other perspectives: looking forward and looking back, 70candles, Ageism anecdotes, Dealing with loss, Family matters, Financial Challenges, Grandparenting, Gratitude and Spirituality, HUMOR, Men aging, Networking, Older women connecting, Resilience, Share your story, Work life and retirement 70Candles, Aging, elder women's choices, Family support, friendships, functional changes, Gratitude, health and fitness, looking ahead, Loss, Men aging, Positive aging, What to do with our time, Women and aging, Work life and retirement For those interested, our week-long online chat and the video of our 1.5 hour- long webinar about Positive Aging, are available for viewing at this link: The blog there continues on, so feel free to add your comments. Stumbling over this group and finding your book has been a blessing. POSITIVE AGING: A WEEK IN DIALOGUE WITH THE AUTHORS JANE GIDDAN, ELLEN COLE, AND MARY GERGEN November 6 – 10, 2017 Posted by Dawn Dole, Taos Institute Monday – Thursday, November 6-10, we will engage in conversation online in a virtual, asynchronous web space.Thank you all for being there and for sharing your journeys. Sharing stories, asking questions, learning, exploring with the authors and the others who join in online.It Never Ends is a long overdue exploration of the complex challenges and unexpected rewards of aging mothers in their relationships with their midlife daughters. I see very few women my age who are still working full time.Based on interviews with women between 65 and 85, we illuminate the complex issues of closeness, distance, longing, and need that arise. I live in the suburbs of a small Massachusetts city, and I don’t see any working women my age. I worry they are going to decide I’m simply too old and try to put me out to pasture. I would love to have a working buddy my age to share the challenges and silly things that go along with this age.Ultimately this may become a book about how our generation flourishes. I plan to rent a car and travel, but not sure about driving on the wrong side of the road. I would also like to rent a cottage to do my writing and just do as I like. Valerie, Age, 697 I have read some of the submissions and really like that the two of you want to hear about how we flourish. I was ill a great deal during my life, have had many many surgeries, didn’t ever make a career out of the opportunities that were afforded to me. Had no financial training, don’t have retirement locked up. Why didn’t I become the woman I see you have become?I am grateful but afraid, and hope and pray, although I am not very good at that, either, that I can someday believe that I did my best, with the tools I had and that I tried so very hard.I’m delighted to join you on these pages and eager to hear your response, thoughts, questions and ideas about how this conversation can move forward. Or, how can I explain to a 40 year old that my brain just froze in the middle of trying to pronounce a difficult word and that it needs to be rebooted?Participants from far and wide joined authors, Jane Giddan, Ellen Cole and Mary Gergen, in discussing a range of topics important to those studying, and those experiencing, life in this era of extended longevity. They surely will think that’s a sign of dementia instead of a normal part of a multi-tasking life. But, I have not been touched or held in 15 years,,, I want much more than I have…but at 70, who would even begin to want me?

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Body Mass Index, or BMI, is used as a screening tool for overweight or obesity.

I am so glad I met them, we will celebrate and flourish as we do.

Take care, Valerie written with close friend and colleague Nan Gefen, and published by She Writes Press.

How does it feel to be among the oldest in the crowd? We welcome the comments and reflections of women everywhere.

All cultures, ethnicities, socioeconomic status and backgrounds; as diverse a sample as we can reach.