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Common advantages cited by proponents for having such a structure are expressed in terms of trust, acceptance, teamwork and quality.A non-free license is used to limit what free software movement advocates consider to be the essential freedoms.Such licenses are sometimes called permissive software licenses.An example of such a license is the Free BSD License which allows derivative software to be distributed as non-free or closed source, as long as they give credit to the original designers.The end result is that an end-user is not actually purchasing software, but purchasing the right to use the software.To this end, the source code to closed-source software is considered a trade secret by its manufacturers.This is an example of one vendor creating a product, allowing a third-party to modify the software, and then creating a tertiary product based on the modified version.All of the products listed above are currently produced by software service companies.

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In fact, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is itself a derivative of Fedora Linux.By contrast a copyleft license claims to protect the "four software freedoms" by explicitly granting them and then explicitly prohibiting anyone to redistribute the package or reuse the code in it to make derivative works without including the same licensing clauses.Some licenses grant the four software freedoms but allow redistributors to remove them if they wish.In 2004, Andrew Morton noted that 37,000 of the 38,000 recent patches in the Linux kernel were created by developers directly paid to develop the Linux kernel.Many projects, such as the X Window System and Apache, have had commercial development as a primary source of improvements since their inception. who counter that the commercialization of FOSS is a poorly devised business model because commercial FOSS companies answer to parties with opposite agendas.As a result, the source code can be freely modified.