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This would greatly assist the police officers in disarming and restraining an attacker while their optional baton and sidearm would provide self-protection and lethal stopping power if necessary.CQC is a military teaching with extremely lethal techniques which is why it's hard to find a place - outside of a military or police institution - that would know or even teach CQC to anybody. CQC weapons are usually only a knife and a pistol, like a 9MM or something simular. Like using their strength and weight against them, and to keep a fluid-like movement going, that's the key to shifting weight, it's all in the physics.For higher quality or a "real" AK, the prices would certainly be much higher. but i changed that when i pulled his fist to stoop him over, i karate chopped the back of his neck. A simple disarm or just applying a few pounds of extra pressure while attacking the extended elbow could end the matter in permanent injury/death or just a humiliating tumble.

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"There is no substitute for finding yourself a Qualified Instructor in a bonified combat self defence art.

Well they teach this to you in the military and I always thought it was cooler than some other means of melee hand to hand combat.

So if you want to see the basics of it, please read the rest of this Instructable.

Originally taught by the Shanghai Municipal Police Force as a self-defense technique for their law enforcement officers, the idea of CQC was to approach and combat your opponent with confidence at a very close range which would restrict the amount of "attack space" the hostile individual had.

As a result, the opponent would in a way, be caught off guard and his ability to counter-attack at full strength and potential would be impeded.