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Fans chanted his name, and he came out for a long goodbye bow. A central question is how far the revolutionary camp wants the uprooting to go.

Can dating an ex work

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Relationships end for all sorts of different reasons and it’s never a pleasant experience.Sometimes what looks like an ending isn’t – it’s a break that allows both parties to retreat, take stock and maybe come back together and give it another go.When you get back together with a former love, there's no way to know whether it will end up being the best decision of your life or just go up in flames all over again.After all, it's one of the biggest relationship no-nos in the book.Even so, here are some things to bear in mind if you are considering getting back with an ex.Just as there are wrong reasons to be in a relationship there are also wrong reasons to get back with someone.Forgiving someone isn’t the same as condoning what they did, it’s about agreeing to let it go and make a new and different start together.Don’t try to go back to how things were before but try to be content to look forward and build something different.

There is no point getting back together if every time you have a row you bring up the old hurt because you will never be able to develop true intimacy with them again.

Couples who have got back together after a break often say that their relationship is stronger as a result, but there are many others who kick themselves for having made the same mistake twice.

Each situation is unique and at the end of the day only you can decide if you want to give it another shot with someone.

Get ready to do a lot of emotional work together if you want a true fresh start.

You're starting off with way more baggage than brand new couples, which means you might need to wade through some emotional weirdness about the past before getting to a good place.