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10 working days is important because this is the period in which the Registered Mail ticket is live and delivery is still actively being attempted but it is before an item would be returned to sender as undelivered or unclaimed. You can click to see an example of a typical Graduation Package below.Only purchases via Credit or Debit Card are accepted by our sponsors. Please note that the more graduate services an institution offers online through the institutional website, the less paperwork is required.However, since 9/11 we have been advising that customers should allow 10 working days for delivery before opening an inquiry to allow for delays that can be caused by extra postal security put in place since then. Regardless of where you live, delivery will always be made by the National Postal Service that serves your country.It is your responsibility to ensure that your address is complete and valid for the delivery of Registered Mail by your countys national Postal Service.We pay for every Graduation Package to be shipped by Global Priority Airmail.

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