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The interior of the rock is completely different from the varnish coating.This is a bottom view of the rhyolite from Stoddard Wells.In the clay layer, black manganese oxide (the mineral birnesite) and red iron oxide (the mineral hematite) add color.A cross section through desert varnish shows the contact on the lower right with the colorless quartz and feldspar grains and black iron oxides of the rock with the deep red varnish layer.Within the clays are black manganese oxide and red iron oxide.A more general term is rock varnish which applies to dark coatings on rocks in general.Varnish can be a prominent feature in many landscapes.It often coats canyon walls, particularly in the areas where water flows down the the sides of canyons such as this canyon wall near the Whitehouse at Canyon De Chelly National Park, Arizona, USA, coated with varnish.

Desert varnish is commonly seen coating rocks in deserts.

Consider just a few of the icons of desert geomorphology.

The main Petra tourist attraction of the Al-Khazneh Tomb façade is coated with a black manganese-rich varnish, allowing the carved portions of the elaborate burial chamber to stand out.

It looks like a coating of manganese oxide, but contains no manganese at all.

This is a fungal dendritic growth from sandstone from Meteor Crater, Arizona which also looks like a manganese deposit to the casual observer.