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These versions can be downloaded over the Internet in prepackaged binary form and/or ready to compile source code form.In addition, you can install the most up-to-date development version of Wine by using the latest available source code from the Git repository (generally updated 5 days per week).Linux programs, likewise, won't run under the Windows operating system because Windows is unable to interpret all of their instructions.This situation presents a fundamental problem for anyone who wants to run software for both Windows and Linux.The process of installing and running Wine can be summarized as follows: Different software programs are designed for different operating systems, and most won't work on systems that they weren't designed for.Windows programs, for example, won't run in Linux because they contain instructions that the system can't understand until they're translated by the Windows environment.Each version of Wine has a release tag, in the following format: Where n is the number of patches/commits applied since x.y.z was released, and ccccccc is the first few hex digits of the most recent commit id.

If you are considering using Wine to run an application you might want to think about the viability of these approaches if you encounter difficulty.

The second step, configuring Wine, shows how to customize a Wine installation depending on your individual needs.

The final step, running Wine, covers the specific steps you can take to get a particular application to run better under Wine, and provides useful links in case you need further help.

Cross Over allows you to install your favorite Windows productivity applications in Linux, without needing a Microsoft Operating System license.

Cross Over includes an easy to use, single click interface, which makes installing a Windows application simple and fast.